Why Gatlinburg is a Top Wedding Destination

Why do so many people choose Gatlinburg as the place to get married in, making it one of the country’s top destinations for a wedding? There are many reasons that Gatlinburg is one of the nation’s favorites for romance and marriage – let us count the ways.

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The Romantic Smoky Mountains

The romance of the Smoky Mountains is an undeniable factor in why couples love to come here. The natural beauty, with lush greenery, streams and waterfalls, and the layered ridges of the ancient mountains receding out to the horizon, all combine to present a captivating view. And the moisture that falls so frequently, and that hangs in the valleys as mist and fog, adds to the enchantment, and adds to the wonderful skies that offer majestic sunrises, gorgeous rainbows, and unbelievable sunsets so picture perfect that they look like a painting. Who couldn’t love the Smokies, and be captured by the romance of it all?

Couples come to Gatlinburg for a romantic mountain getaway, and to propose marriage, and to get married. They come, or stay, for the honeymoon, or come back years later for the honeymoon they couldn’t take in earlier times, and to celebrate anniversaries or to renew their vows after decades of marriage.

Ease and Simplicity

Tennessee makes it simple to get married, with few formalities, and Gatlinburg makes it easy, with professional wedding and event planners and local services geared to take the details out of the wedding and leave the romance in for the happy couple. There are many experienced wedding vendors in Gatlinburg, including photographers, florists, caterers and wedding planners who are familiar with the area and can offer valuable advice and recommendations to help make that special day perfect.

Local amenities also include charming chapels and breathtaking mountain backdrops for a wedding ceremony and photo shoot, along with accommodations and venues that match every scale and budget, from small to large. The luxury vacation cabins are an affordable lodging for couples and larger groups, either sharing a multi-bedroom cabin or several smaller ones next to each other.

Gatlinburg is a relatively easy destination to reach, with several major airports within a few hours’ drive. The town itself is within a day’s drive of the eastern half of the United States. And wedding guests will never be bored during their stay, with more attractions and things to do in the Gatlinburg area than anyone ever manages to fit in one visit.

All these factors make Gatlinburg a top choice for a wedding, and couples can enjoy an unforgettable and romantic wedding in this beautiful mountain area.

What makes a great wedding?

A wedding should reflect the love story of the couple, and continue it of course, all the while making a memorable and enjoyable experience for themselves and all their guests. Experienced wedding professionals know how to make this happen for each unique story, and are invaluable to take the strain out of the thousand and one details that can go into organizing a wedding and reception.

Local professionals can usually save money for a wedding, which is a factor that people often overlook. Locals can get lower costs from vendors and work to a budget, employing creative solutions to any constraints.

The wedding venue is an important piece of the setting, and should match the couple’s style and preferences, as well as being captivating for the guests, being both beautiful and comfortable. And the decor should enhance the feeling of the occasion, often with decorative elements that add a personal touch.

Good food and drink is essential to any wedding celebration, and the presentation should be flawless. Entertainment should be carefully selected and tailored to the group taste. And photography and videography is usually best done by professionals – this is probably not a service to skimp on.

Personal touches such as handwritten vows and family items can add to the authenticity of this special occasion. And what matters most is the connection and love between the couple and their own loved ones, and the meaningfulness of the occasion that people will remember warmly forever.

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