WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge is home to WonderWorks, an upside-down house of interactive entertainment for the whole family, mixing science marvels with outright play in an “amusement park for the mind.”

The entrance is literally upside down, so the first experience is the inversion tunnel to turn you right side up. Now you’re ready for the more than 100 hands-on experiences and exhibits. The WonderWorks offerings include hurricane-force winds, a simulated 6.0 earthquake, space exploration, anti-gravity, virtual-reality roller coasters and Tesla-coil electricity production.

For sheer physical activity there’s a 50 foot tall indoor ropes challenge course and climbing wall. The attraction features a 10,000 square foot arcade area that includes a blacklit maze to play lazer-tag with your fellow opponents, and a plethora of other games with a scientific demonstration built in.

Wonderworks is an active learning experience for all ages of students, emphasizing science, math, art and physical education. It’s a family vacation treat that also works as a great school field trip or home-school study experience.

Try Big Piano and jump from key to key on a huge keyboard to create a tune. The whole family will enjoy the Bubble Room, where you can put yourself inside a bubble that you create. And as if the science marvels weren’t enough, WonderWorks offers actual magic with renowned magician Terry Evanswood.

The attraction puts on parties for kids and teens that will make a memorable occasion. There’s a vast gift shop filled with amazing items, and a cafe to rest and refuel.

The greatest memory you’ll take from WonderWorks may be the giant helium-filled Wonders of Flight balloon, 72 feet in diameter, rising silently to 400 feet altitude, offering a panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains, and carrying a gondola that can hold up to 30 guests.

The experience is designed to feel like a flying balcony, silent, vibration-free, in the grandeur of the sky and mountain scenery. It’s the perfect place to hold a wedding, a lesson the grown-ups have learned, now booking wedding events as well as children’s parties at WonderWorks.

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