Rental Cabin Management Agreement

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This agreement is between Smoky Mountain Resort Management Inc. DBA Gatlinburg Falls Resort Rentals hereinafter referred to as "agent" and:

Cabin Name:
Property Owner Name:  
City, State, Zip  
Mobile Phone:  
Email Address:
Tax ID or SS#:  

Above listed Property Owner hereinafter referred to as "owner" and will constitute a contract for the rental of below mentioned property. Owner desires to place the property on agent's overnight rental program and agent has agreed to manage the property for owner under the terms and conditions of this agreement. They agree as follows:

  1. EXCLUSIVE AGENT. Owner hereby appoints agent as the sole and exclusive agent for the rental and management of the property.

  2. DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE. Where there is more than one owner of a unit(s), there will only be one designated representative chosen to represent the ownership and be the contact with the agent.

  3. REQUIREMENTS. It is agreed that the goal of both the owner and agent is to provide excellence in nightly rental accomodations for vacationing guests. The agent will use its best efforts to maintain computerized system for the fair and equal selection of units under its management. Actual occupancy will vary among units due to guest preference, quality and completeness of furnishings and amenities, location, size, access due to weather, or restrictions by owner. The property will be furnished and equipped based on minimum standards agreed upon at purchase. Owner will ensure property meets all codes and regulations. Owner will absorb costs of supplying and replacing any furnishings needed.


      • Owner authorizes agent to deduct 40% from gross receipts for managing the property.
      • Owner will be billed $85 per month for the following: owner portion of credit card bank fees; hot tub maintenance and chemicals; preventative maintenance (ex.: batteries for smoke alarm and keyless entry locks, a/c filters, etc.)
      • Owner will be billed actual costs for the following for a once-a-year, comprehensive cleaning: carpet, bedspreads and comforters, professional window washing, valances and window treatments, appliances, ceiling fans, and flooring; Owner will be notified of any cleaning requirements on an as-need basis, such as carpet cleaning or replacements of bedspreads or furnishings.
      • Owner will be responsible for the following payments: mortgage, utilities, telephone, cable or satellite, all taxes, tourist residency permit fees (where applicable), liability ($1 million, with agent listed as additional insured, copy of binder to agent) and casualty insurance premiums, gas fuel, and lawn and grounds if any.
      • Owner will be responsible for maintenance and general upkeep of property (conducted by agent), and the following safety items: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers (provided by agent).
      • Owner authorizes agent to make emergency repairs up to $300 without prior authorization, thereby minimizing loss of income. For repairs or maintenance exceeding $300, agent will make every effort to contact owner to obtain prior authorization. In every case, agent will make every effort to contact owner prior to any and all repairs and then secure best price and quality of service.
      • Owner will notify agent for access to unit.

      • Agent will provide a monthly statement to owner along with net proceeds (60% less maintenance charges) to be postmarked by the 10th day of the following month.
      • As specified in agent's mission statement and goals, agent will market unit to maximize its investment potential to gain highest rates and occupancy.
      • Agent will supervise cleaning and maintenance; and general inspection.
      • Agent will provide linens and towels and the laundry and cleaning service.
      • Agent will provide disposable items such as bath soap, dish soap and detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, light bulbs and trash bags.
      • Agent will dispose of garbage.
      • Agent will provide cleaning and chemical maintenance of hot tub.
      • Agent will order routine service for the following: propane gas, pest control (actual cost to owner).
      • Agent will supervise comprehensive annual cleaning paid by owners as described under owner obligations listed above.

  5. OCCUPANCY RIGHTS. All occupancy must be booked with agent, including owners and owner's guests. There will be no charge for overnight stays for owners and their guests (cleaning fee only). Owner only will call for availability. Agent may use up to four nights per year as promotional complimentary nights. Agent bears all cleaning charges.

  6. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR DAMAGE. Owner acknowledges that agent is not responsible for any damage caused by occupants to unit or any of its contents whatsoever. Agent will attempt to collect replacement or repair monies from the occupants. Visa/MC or security deposit is required.

  7. CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT. Owner or agent must provide 30 days notice to cancel the property management agreement. For bookings beyond those 30 days, agent will make best effort to re-book reservations in a similar site. However, if an alternative site cannot be reserved, owner must honor original reservation under the terms of the contract.

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