Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge

Biblical Times Dinner Theater presents immersive shows based on Biblical stories, engaging the audience through the accurate retelling of classic Bible tales and persons, uplifting and enlivening through world-class sound and visual effects.The theater brings Bible stories to life in fun and creative ways the whole family can appreciate at any age.

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The characters and settings combine with the effects to take us back into the Biblical time for a truly compelling story of the lives of people such as Joseph, Moses, Elijah, and Ruth. All of the facts presented are meticulously researched and verified by scholars to make sure the true story is told.

As we write, the theater is presenting the story of Peter, telling it from his point of view, portraying his hopes and fears, doubts and aspirations as he went through his torturous journey to ultimate redemption.

The shows are a mixture of live acting and hologram or projected backdrops, allowing the show to mix in Biblical icons, film clips and other imagery with the personal story being told. The holographic and special effects are compelling, theĀ  audio-visual equipment is superb, and the seating is opulent.

The shows begin with dinner accompanied by a variety of Christian song, from Gospel through contemporary to classic hymns, and then move into the main presentation as a full immersible experience. The food is prepared by the restaurant next door to the theater, and offers gluten-free and vegetarian options. Servings are large and refreshments are unlimited.

There’s more than the show on offer at Biblical Times, with concert shows and a museum to explore. The gospel concerts bring in major groups such as The Kingsmen, The Hoppers, The Griffith Family, Avenue, The Sound, and more.The museum features displays of ancient and Christian artifacts.

The theater itself is themed Biblically, in the manner of ancient Jerusalem, with stone architecture etched with Bible verses, and staff dressed in period, to welcome you and guide you to your seats. There’s a devout atmosphere here, where praying and rejoicing is very much allowed, including by the performers who often join guests in prayer after the show.

In a largely secular world, Biblical Times Theater offers a chance to get away from disbelief and immerse freely into faith and devotion. The stories and information presented are authentic, and serve as a great way to pass this knowledge to the kids, in a fun way.

The theater offers reserved table seating, wheelchair accessibility, free parking, and souvenir photo options – and groups are welcomed.

Useful Information

Biblical Times Dinner Theater
2391 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Tel: 865-908-3327