Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge: Mini Golf and Candy

Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge is a candy-themed adventure center perfect for families with children, if sweets are on the agenda. Crave features both indoor and outdoor miniature-golf courses – and the outdoor one is on the rooftop! There are also mini-bowling, two escape-room challenges, an ice-cream parlor, and a sweet shop full of colorful treats. Crave is also handicap accessible.

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Image courtesy of Crave Golf Club

Image courtesy of Crave Golf Club


There are two candy-themed miniature golf courses at Crave:

  • The 19-hole Indoor Course
  • The 19-hole Rooftop Course

Each course features both challenging holes and those that are easier for kids to master. This makes the courses ideal for families who want to have fun together.

In addition to playing a traditional round of putt-putt on either course, guests can also partake in an additional layer of fun at each hole with Crave Style. To play this way, before teeing off at each hole, spin the disk and follow the directions you receive. Make sure you mark down whenever someone in your group lands on an ice cream cone or candy icon. If you gather 19 ice cream cones or 19 candies, head to the concessions counter after your golf round and you can win a prize.

Escape Rooms

Two new 30-minute escape-room challenges have recently been added to the facility.

  • Mayday Escape Room: Set in an exotic submarine cruise, this challenge has you and your party trapped inside as water begins to overtake the vessel. Your job is to save yourself and your crew by ensuring that all the water-tight doors are completely sealed.
  • Zombie Escape Room: A deadly Zombyte virus is creating hideous creatures out of cybernetically enhanced humans, and you and your group are in a laboratory cut off from the outside world as the creatures close in. Use your dwindling time wisely — it’s up to you to find a cure for the virus so you can make your escape.


Mini-bowling is just as the name suggests: A mini version of traditional bowling. This means mini pins, mini bowling balls, and mini (shorter) lanes. The result is a faster-paced game and more fun for kids, although adults love it too. No special bowling shoes are required.

Ice Cream Parlor & Sweet Shop

Crave is known for its tasty ice cream. Visit the ice cream parlor for a cone, cup, shake, or slush. For some added sweetness, check out the Crave Sweet Shop and the supersized Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, pixie sticks, and more.

Useful Information

Crave Golf Club
2925 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(between Lights 4 & 5 on Parkway)
Phone: 865-366-3403
Hours: Open 9:00 AM-Midnight Daily