Smoky Mountains Creperie in Gatlinburg: Crepes Are Back!

Smoky Mountains Creperie in Gatlinburg serves freshly made crepes filled with mouthwatering items such as strawberries and ice cream on the sweet side and chicken and cheese on the savory side – with many more varieties of snack or dessert on each side. Sweet or savory, everything is delicious and fresh and you can order at the counter or phone in for takeout or have it delivered (they also cater).

Smoky Mountains Creperie in Gatlinburg: Crepes Are Back!

Image courtesy of Smoky Mountains Creperie

For those not familiar with them, crepes are flat and round like a tortilla, but with a thinner texture and a more delicate flavor, which really highlights whatever delicious food is contained inside. Crepes can come fluffy and light, or with a crisp outside and even super thin and crispy. They can be folded over or rolled, or made into a cone. This means you can hold most any kind of tasty or delicious food and eat it all as one fantastic taste treat – and the Creperie has a lot of ┬áthose to choose from.

On the Sweet Side

The Creperie offers several concoctions with Nutella for that wonderful chocolate-hazelnut taste, often combined with bananas or strawberries (the perfect pairing) or both. Crepes come with marshmallows, apple & cheesecake, peach & white chocolate (!), almonds, caramel – ingredients are all sourced fresh from local farms, and will vary with the seasons.

You can add flavors of ice cream for an extra boost to your crepe – and be advised that the whipping cream is homemade and many customers call it the best they’ve ever had. Kids love the crepes and will enjoy the snow-cones that are also available.

The crepes come folded in half with spreads and ingredients inside, and then folded over the quarter with even more goodies inside and on top. And also these fine things can come in rolls. Or they can all come packed in a cone, carried in paper or a cup.

On the Savory Side

If you’re hungry for a snack rather than a sweet, try the chicken, cheese and veggies crepes, or go for beef, ham or even smoked salmon. Go with a teriyaki or a bbq style crepe, or a spinach and feta delicacy. The California Chicken adds spinach, veggies, avocado and sauce for a real meal experience.

The Creperie is a breakfast place as well as a brunch/lunch solution, so maybe go for the Monte Cristo in the morning, with eggs, Swiss cheese, ham and sauce. You can add avocado or eggs to anything, and there’s also the Veggie Suprema that adds a flavor explosion to cheese.


The Creperie offers several soft drinks as well as lemonade and energy drinks. And they know about coffee here too, as well as chocolate (and both together if you want). As well as the freshly made coffee with free refills, you can get an espresso, latte or frappucino here also, to offset the savory or sweet. White chocolate and mocha flavor in your coffee drink? Sure thing.

The Experience

Smoky Mountains Creperie is a walk-in place where you can sit at the counter to eat or get it to take outside. As mentioned, you can call in a takeout order too. And the place is hooked up with Uber Eats, which means you can have that delicious goodness delivered to your cabin if you want.

Prices here are reasonable and the crepes are quite filling – lots of people are glad they didn’t order two, but if you really want a meal, two will do it for you. It’s a great stop along the way to take some fuel on board and then carry on with the serious business of exploring Parkway, without getting bogged down at a table in a restaurant and getting stuffed.

Crepes are the light food made for foot traffic, and many people will never have eaten a crepe sitting down. In Paris you may find a crepe stall on the sidewalk along the way to wherever you were going or whatever you were doing. The Creperie adds an extra dimension with its variety of flavors, its chef-quality recipes and presentation, and the friendly atmosphere of the place.

For a time in America, crepes were popular (the Magic Pan was the notable chain), but the nation seems to have lost the yearning for them from about the Nineties on. It’s definitely our loss, as visitors to Europe generally testify when they discover this hidden gem in Gatlinburg.

Owned by a friendly couple from Romania, Smoky Mountains Creperie brings this genius European food back to America, and Gatlinburg gets the benefit. The location is right next to the Space Needle.

Useful Information

Smoky Mountains Creperie
812 Parkway Suite 111, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Tel: (865) 325-6030
Website and Facebook
Hours: 11 am – 9 pm (11 pm Fri-Sat)