Explore the Many Shops of Dollywood

Although you visit Dollywood for the amusement park and water park attractions, you can stay plenty busy exploring all the many wonderful shops there too. So make sure to work enough time into your itinerary for shopping adventures among the following shops.

Images courtesy Dollywood

Kaman’s Airbrush Shoppe

Want a personalized hat, t-shirt, or even a license plate that’s airbrushed by hand? Get on over to Kaman’s Airbrush Shoppe in Craftsman’s Valley to pick out your favorite pieces.

Ashley’s Antique Tintype & Photo

For memorable pictures of your crew, go to Ashley’s Antique Tintype & Photo in The Village. Their 1880s costume collection transports everyone back in time, letting you capture your Dollywood memories in a unique way.

Batter’s Box

If you love baseball, go get your personalized bat from the Batter’s Box in Craftsman’s Valley. You just have to pick out your favorite design, and then wait for them to carve your name into your keepsake.

Cozy Bear Cove

Set in Craftsman’s Valley, Cozy Bear Cove lets you shop for mountain-inspired items, including plush black bears, blankets, and cabin decor. Although all their items are top-notch, it’s well worth visiting just for the cozy cabin atmosphere.

Dolly’s Closet

If you love country western wear, skip on over to Adventures in Imagination to upgrade your wardrobe at Dolly’s Closet. They have all the cutest apparel, plus books, gifts, and music galore.

Dollywood Emporium

For a one-stop-shop filled with all the most popular items in the park, head on over to Dollywood Emporium. Set on Showstreet, this fun store has everything from sweet treats and toys to apparel and accessories.

Eagle’s Flight Outfitters

Eagle’s Flight Outfitters in Wilderness Pass lets you buy the full Wild Eagle wing coaster getup one piece at a time. With their hats, t-shirts, and more, you can share your love for your favorite coaster wherever you go.

Found Treasures & Pick-A-Pearl

At Found Treasures & Pick-A-Pearl in Craftsman’s Valley, you can get one-of-a-kind jewelry to wear on all your adventures. For a truly unique creation, pick out an oyster, grab its pearl, and have it put in a setting.

Gazebo Gifts

A modest stand on Showstreet, Gazebo Gifts makes it easy to shop for souvenirs of all kinds. Dollywood branded shirts, hats, jewelry, and more are all on display, ready for you to take them home.

Grist Mill & Cinnamon Bread

Located in Craftsman’s Valley, Grist Mill & Cinnamon Bread is a must-visit shop for the world-famous cinnamon bread alone. Beyond that, you can get fruit preserves, cast iron cookware, and other key kitchen items.

Hillside General Store

Hillside General Store is the place to go for home decor that turns back the clock to a simpler time. While touring this Craftsman’s Valley favorite, pick out all the old-fashioned items you need to accent your home.

Hi-Octane Shop

If Lightning Rod is your coaster of choice, visit the Hi-Octane Shop in the Adventures in Imagination area for all the right swag. They also have automotive-themed items, like die-cast muscle cars, if you prefer the gearhead life.

Kaman’s Art Shoppes

At Kaman’s Art Shoppes, get a beautiful portrait, timeless silhouette, or fun caricature made for each person in your group. This Craftsman’s Valley venue also offers face painting for all ages.

Lucky 7 Mine

When beautiful gems call your name, scoot on over to the Lucky 7 Mine to get your fill. Located in Craftsman’s Valley, this shop features raw and cut gems and minerals on their own, or in jewelry settings, and other displays.

Mountain Grove Merchants

Mountain Grove Merchants features attractive Wildwood Grove apparel, home decor, and all the other items you need to remember your time at Dollywood. As one of the newer shops in the park, this sweet addition lets you pick up even more unique gifts for your crew.

Mountain Laurel Home

Located in Rivertown Junction, Mountain Laurel Home offers everything you need to give your home a rustic vibe. To really treat yourself, explore their hand-carved furniture and decor, including their beautiful black bear sculptures.

Rivertown Christmas Cottage

Rivertown Christmas Cottage gives you a spot to shop for holiday accoutrements year-round. Ornaments, nutcrackers, and other festive decor items are always on tap whenever you want to visit.

Taffy Kitchen

When you want a little sweet treat for the road, skip over to Taffy Kitchen, set right on Showstreet. Although saltwater taffy is the name of the game, they have many other candies and snacks.

Temple’s Mercantile

Set in The Village, Temple’s Mercantile allows you to stroll back into the early days of one-stop shopping. Designed to have it all, this shop lets you get toys, apparel, and even sweets without having to go anywhere else.

The Mine Shaft

Want to load up on Dollywood-branded apparel? Go to The Mine Shaft in Timber Canyon. You can get tote bags, shirts, and flip-flops plus adorable black bear hats to wear around the park.

The Southern Pantry

When you want to kick your culinary creations up a notch, you can count on the ingredients available at The Southern Pantry. A Showstreet favorite, this little shop has all the extra-special additions you could want, plus stunning kitchen accessories.

Tin Sign Shoppe

For custom gifts to remember, jet on over to the Tin Sign Shoppe in Craftsman’s Valley. Then, pick out your sign style and let them know how to personalize it for your giftee.


Another newcomer to the Dollywood lineup, Traditions lets you shop your heart out for southern apparel and home goods. T-shirts and hoodies dominate this Showstreet shop, although you can also find hats, totes, and accessories.

Volunteer Supply

If Lucky the Dalmatian and the FireChaster Express are dear to your heart, check out all the goods at Volunteer Supply in Wilderness Pass. Toys, t-shirts, and everything in between are always available for your consideration.

Wired Up Names

At Wired Up Names in Craftsman’s Valley, you can get your name custom crafted into a necklace by a skilled artisan – the word is “written” by hand using jewelry wire formed into script writing. There’s nothing more custom than your name!

Images courtesy Dollywood