Fannie Farkle’s in Gatlinburg: Food and Fun For the Family

Fannie Farkle’s is a restaurant and arcade in downtown Gatlinburg with food to go or to eat in, including its famous, foot-long corn dogs that some people have called the best in the world! Fannie Farkle’s has been converting visitors into regulars for years because of its high-quality food and fun for the entire family.

Exploring the countless attractions of Gatlinburg will take fuel along the way, and Fannie Farkle’s offers food you can watch being made just for you, to take along Parkway with you if you want to keep moving, or to linger with while you enjoy the place itself.

Fannie Farkle's in Gatlinburg: Food and Fun For the Family

Image courtesy of Visit Gatlinburg

Located right on Parkway, Fannie Farkle’s is an easy spot to pass by – unless you’re on foot and your nose for good food is working right. The Fannie Farkle’s hot dogs, which the restaurant is known for, will entice you with their aroma as you pass by the building

But the menu features several additional standouts that fans love. Savory sausage subs are cooked to perfection and slathered with a generous helping of sweet onions and peppers, and the cheesesteaks are the perfect way to indulge after a day of walking the town. Don’t forget to refresh yourself with a cup of their homemade sweet tea, or grab a Hawaiian shaved ice on your way out. Food can be eaten inside or taken out for your convenience.

Fannie Farkle’s famous Ogle Dog is much more than a corn dog

There’s plenty of great food to be had at Fannie Farkle’s, but those in the know will tell you that you shouldn’t leave without trying the restaurant’s famous Ogle Dog. At first glance it may look like a regular corn dog, but once you take one bite you realize that this treat on a stick has soared to legendary status for a reason.

Every Ogle Dog is a foot-long corn dog made from local ingredients and dipped and fried to order. You can even watch the entire process happen from start to finish to get your taste buds ready. The Ogle Dog is named after William Ogle, the first permanent settler in Gatlinburg.

Retro and new arcade games to satisfy the whole family

Fannie Farkle’s arcade is a great reason to hang out for a bit even after you’ve finished eating. Parents can introduce their kids to the classic games of yesteryear such as PacMan and Skee Ball, as well as enjoying many of the newest and hottest arcade games anywhere.

Pick up a Fannie Farkle’s game card which you can load money onto for all of the games, and also use it to redeem points for exciting prizes when you’re finished. Points never expire, so you can keep saving up for your dream prize after each trip.

Make time for Fannie Farkle’s during your next Gatlinburg excursion

Whether you just have to try the famous Ogle Dog, you’re looking to beat the heat with a refreshing sweet tea, or you want to test your mettle at the latest exhilarating arcade games, Fannie Farkle’s makes a great pit stop during your Gatlinburg explorations.

Fannie Farkle’s is open 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Friday-Saturday, and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday.

Fanie Farkle’s
656 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-4057