Gatlinburg Pinball Museum: a Throwback Arcade From the Past

Gatlinburg Pinball Museum has over 100 vintage pinball machines and arcade games, and your all-day pass allows you to play as many as you want (no coins needed!) the whole day, even with breaks during the day (lunch, etc.).

The pinball museum feels more like an arcade, since this museum is hands-on interactive, giving you a great way to enjoy some game play on a ton of vintage machines.If you’re an old pinball enthusiast, this is your place to revisit the past. And if you have kids who may never have played on these machines, well they’re in for an unexpected first-time treat.

Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

Image courtesy of Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

Many of the machines that can be found in the museum are limited editions, with many of them stretching back as far as the 1960s, including a 1965 Gottleib Skyline, in addition to a wide range of other machines that are available for play. If you’ve got plans for a show or a meetup later in the day, you can come back for a few more rounds, as your all-day pass allows multiple reentry.

The museum is a lesser-known attraction that doesn’t market itself, so it can make a nice indoor getaway from the bustle of the street, on a rainy day or during the heat of summer, when the air conditioning is a great way to keep your cool and enjoy time with your family or friends.

The museum arcade is a friendly place, with a nice feel of community – a throwback to the past, as any museum should be. With older generations sharing their favorites with kids and grandchildren, and pinball aficionados lost int he game, everyone is welcome at the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum. The knowledgeable staff will happily share their experience and expertise on the games, and most people find it a surprisingly fun experience.

The Pinball Museum is located on Historic Nature Trail, which turns off of Parkway at Light #8. It’s just a couple of blocks down, just past the Space Needle (which has its own great arcade if you want to compare the museum with some modern games). It’s walking distance up to Parkway, and the T-intersection offers plenty of eating places to take that lunch we mentioned, including right on the corner, Smith & Son Corner Kitchen, a great place to eat.

Useful Information

Gatlinburg Pinball Museum
205 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738
Hours: 10 am – midnight, every day.
Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

1965 Gottlieb Skyline