Gatlin’s Fun Centers in Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge

There are many exciting activities at Gatlin’s Fun Center, an excellent place for families and children. Gatlin’s has two locations in Gatlinburg, and one in Pigeon Forge with a second opening soon. Here are some of the things you can find at Gatlin’s.

Images courtesy of Gatlin’s Fun Center

Escape Rooms

There are five escape rooms at Gatlin’s Fun Center from which you can choose. Each has unique lighting, sound effects, props, puzzles and challenges. Work with your team in order to solve these puzzles and escape your room within 60 minutes. You can sign up for Curse of the Kraken’s Eye, the Haunting of Hyde House, The Legend of Atlantis, Masters of Magic, and Moonshine Hill Hootenanny.

Miniature Golf

Gatlin’s Mini Golf is the largest miniature golf destination in the area, with a total of 45 holes between four courses, including two outdoor courses that have won awards. These courses are beautifully landscaped with hardwood oak trees that are over a hundred years old. There also are many native flowers and other plants that offer a stunning environment.

Play on a serene hillside as you learn about the fascinating history of Gatlinburg and this area’s first settlers, with the early landmarks and history of the settlers and Cherokee native Americans who lived in this Smokies region. You can purchase the Unlimited Golf package that will let you play as many games as you’d like during a certain time period.

Laser Tag

This laser tag arena is the largest in the whole area at 3,000 square feet. They now have lighter vests and the latest in phaser technology to make for a great time for kids over 5 years old, and those who are young at heart.

Gatlin’s Emporium

There’s a top-notch selection for people of all ages. Just some of what you’ll see at this Emporium includes Brainteaser, Escape, and Murder Mystery style games. Shop the assortment of jigsaw puzzles, which include unique wooden ones.

Other activities at the Fun Center include bumper cars, ropes course, laser maze course, virtual reality arena, atomic rush (a Simon Says type of game with high tech whack-a-mole challenges), and a mirror maze.

Useful Information

Gatlin’s Fun Center
Reagan Terrace Mall, 716 Parkway, Suite 219, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
The Village, Gatlinburg on Parkway
The Island, Pigeon Forge
3270 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Tel: 865-339-3323