Pigeon Forge’s Most Popular Dinner Show – It’s The Hatfields & McCoys

Meet the Hatfields and the McCoys in their very own dinner show. They’ve been a-feudin’ fer decades now, but this time they’re doing it for your whole family’s entertainment!

Can you help them finally settle their differences? That’s not too likely to happen, but at least you’ll have fun while trying.

Image courtesy of Hatfield & McCoy

Image courtesy of Hatfield & McCoy

Good ol’ John Boy greets you and “takes yer orders” – even the waiters are entertaining! As you watch the show, you and the whole family get to feast on a delicious all-you-can-eat meal.

The Hatfields and McCoys dance together and brawl with one another – and sometimes you can’t tell which they’re doing. You’ll experience things like:

  • Mountain dancing
  • Dueling banjo musical showdowns
  • Incredible feats of strength
  • Sidesplitting comedy appropriate for all ages

And then you get to cap it all off with Granny’s Famous Dessert.

What You’ll Love about the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show

Audience members from all over just love:

  • The amazingly talented performers
  • Their ability to keep children (and teenagers!) captivated the entire show
  • That the performers come out for pictures after the show
  • The delicious BBQ, soup, and potatoes
  • A massive meal that fills up even your hungriest teen
  • A hilarious storyline
  • Entertaining servers

And for adults, they do serve alcohol during the show. You’ll get a bit of history in the show, and a whole lot of musical and dancing comedy. The show often ends with some rousing Gospel songs too.

You’ll just love this show – even if you’re not a fan of comedy shows, dinner shows, or musicals. Fans rave time and again how it’s the one can’t-miss thing they have to see when they return again to Pigeon Forge.

So if yer lookin’ fer a good time, you’re sure to have it at Pigeon Forge’s Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show!

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Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
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