MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge – World Within a World

Quests and riddles, interactive adventure and challenges for all the family

MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge houses four unique attractions guaranteed to provide immense family fun:

  • MagiQuest – the main attraction, an interactive quest-based game.
  • The Odyssey – an amazing maze of mirrors, and then some.
  • Pirate Golf – mini-golf in a black-light, pirate-themed setting.
  • The Vault – a laser-beam obstacle course
image courtesy of MagiQuest

image courtesy of MagiQuest


MagiQuest is a video game you move through on your feet, an interactive world you move through. It’s an immersive and engaging experience for all the family. You can play through solo or as a team, and play the game at your own speed.

The Quest involves a series of quests, at the end of which, you can begin a series of adventures. As with every game, there are multiple levels to quest your way through. During your adventures you gain powers, reveal secrets, meet characters and discover treasures.

The key to success is the magic wand, which activates the devices you interact with and which remembers everywhere you’ve gone, what you’ve accomplished, and your score. The wand becomes yours for life, which you can return with or take with you to any MagiQuest in the country, a visiting magus, building your score and exploring deeper into the Quest.

MagiQuest makes a good field trip especially for home-schooled kids. There’s plenty of problem-solving and challenging stimulation to keep minds active – also lots of excitement and good fun.

A book of wisdom comes with tools required for the quest, and parents can work with children to help them solve the riddles at every turn, or get caught up in the game and compete with the kids, as many adults do.

The wand is a one-time purchase with the first ticket. Pricing goes down for return visits. A loaner wand is available for those who don’t want to build scores. Or you can go without any wand, simply with the book of wisdom, to experience the challenges and solve the riddles.

Ticketing options are well designed to suit every preference and member of the family. The MagiQuest session with a wand is 90 minutes, and returning magi can buy an inexpensive 60 minutes to deepen their game. Combo tickets for all 4 attractions are available too.

Other Attractions

The Odyssey. This is 5,000 square feet of mirror maze, billed as the largest in the world. There’s a lot of sound and color to add to the experience, which is very immersive. The maze quickly forms its own world – it’s a real challenge to figure your way through the maze. Seemingly endless hallways go on forever, with dancing lights everywhere. The infinity room offers a glimpse of infinity in all directions. Walk the holograph hallway, and the dance room, where the walls change from every movement you make. It’s a fun experience, a feast for the eyes and sense of orientation.

Pirate Golf. Kids immediately love the black-light course. It’s set in a Caribbean pirate village, and includes a ship, villagers and hidden treasure – all within an 18-hole mini golf with plenty of special effects.

The Vault. This is for the more agile, a laser-beam grid you have to get through. Weave, jump over and duck under beams of light to reach the other side.

Helpful Information

2491 Parkway, Pigeon Forge
Just past Traffic Light 2A (in the big castle close to Starbucks)