Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum: Best in the World

UPDATE: The Museum is now permanently CLOSED. Floyd Garrett passed away in November, 2021, after a lifetime devoted to cars. He was a very friendly man, and had one of the finest auto museums in the country. It was a classy ride.

If you love the old American muscle cars it’s worth taking a run to Sevierville just down the road from Pigeon Forge to visit Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum, one of the largest and best collections in the world of American cars from the golden era of muscle cars.

For a few years spanning the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s a unique thing happened in America, when the love of styling teamed up with the pursuit of horsepower to create some of the most beautiful, outrageous and downright FAST race machines ever built.

Image courtesy of Muscle Car Museum

Images courtesy of Muscle Car Museum


Floyd Garrett had a dream to collect them all and in his museum he houses over 90 of the greatest legends to come out of Detroit, every one of them gleaming like new. It’s a step back in time to revisit a bygone age.

Even non-fanatics will catch their breath at the spectacular array of the cars, seeing design lines dreamed up by artists who were on a roll, beautiful automotive paint jobs, and lots of shining metal. And for gear heads, it’s pure heaven to find some of the rarest muscle cars ever collected in one place.

Floyd Garrett is usually on hand to answer people’s questions, and there seems to be nothing he doesn’t know about muscle cars. Beyond the amazing displays of cars and period setting artifacts, the museum has memorabilia and gift items in abundance. The price of admission is low and you are encouraged to bring your camera!

Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum is open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving and Christmas permanently closed.

For more information
http://musclecarmuseum.com and Facebook.

Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum: Best in the World