Pigeon Forge Weather

Every season in the Smoky Mountains has its own special charm, from the colors of fall to the wonderland of winter, to brilliant sunshine in spring and summer. Many attractions are year-round in Pigeon Forge, while some depend on certain seasons. Either way, it’s important to know what the weather will be like when you plan to be here. The National Park Service publishes average temperatures along with rain and snowfall (listed below) to help you determine the best time to come to play golf, go hiking or skiing, or just to relax during your favorite season.

Average Monthly Temps in Pigeon Forge

Month Avg. Hi Avg. Low Snow “
January 50.1 28.7 2.1″
February 50.7 27.5 2.3″
March 59.8 35.3 2.9″
April 73.5 44.8
May 78.0  48.6
June 86.2 56.7
July 87.1 59.6
August 87.2 59.6
September 84.1 53.3
October 74.1 41.5
November 64.4 37.8 0.7″
December 50.6 28.1 1.0″