Savory Solutions by Chef Jeremy: a Personal Chef for Your Cabin Vacation

One of the many benefits of staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains is having your own kitchen, which saves a lot of vacation time and money going out to eat. If you think that’s good, how about having a personal chef to cook dinner for you and your group, in your cabin?

It’s all possible thanks to Chef Jeremy and his Savory Solutions company. Did you know you could throw an elegant dinner party in your vacation cabin, even if you don’t want to cook? Now that’s a relaxing getaway!

image courtesy of Savory Solutions

image courtesy of Savory Solutions

Chef Jeremy and his team of trained culinary professionals offer a variety of services to add more fun to your cabin stay. The personal chef service brings a chef to your cabin, designing a custom menu to suit your tastes and the occasion, sharing tips and recipes, teaching you new skills if you want to watch the meal being prepared. And doing full clean-up afterwards!

The very freshest, farm-to-table ingredients go into your meals, and the service isn’t just for dinner. If you can pour your own breakfast cereal, you could have lunch and dinner personally created every day of your stay, with each meal unique and delicious, and made from only the best ingredients.

It may sound extravagant, but compared with prices you could pay at attractions outside of the cabin, you could actually save money by staying in! And a personal chef will definitely enrich your special romantic getaway, family reunion or long awaited vacation. You get table-side service for you and your group, and a high degree of “kitchen showmanship” to keep the party engaged as their meal is being prepared.

Imagine not having to cook on your vacation, and not having to round up everyone to get in the car for a dining experience – instead have that experience where the celebration is happening, in your own cabin in the Smoky Mountains. As the meal is preparing, you could stay in the hot tub on the deck right until the last minute!

Chef Jeremy can also supply you a “party chef” to cook or help you cook for your event, and the company can handle events up to 100 or 150 people in size. Savory Solutions also supplies trained servers and licensed bartenders, and the company specializes in adding zest and flair to the occasion. Big or small requirements are no problem – they offer to do as little or as much as you need.

What if you love to cook, or have something very special you want to serve? Chef Jeremy has it covered, with a trained culinary assistant or party chef to help you in the prepping or final stage of heating or re-heating, and then serving your dish. You can sit with your guests and enjoy the quality experience with them. And the clean-up afterwards? It’s covered of course.

Jeremy Sym is Executive Chef of Savory Solutions. Trained at Fresno Institute of Culinary Arts as a Certified Chef de Cuisine, he honed his skills in upscale kitchens across the country until he found the Smoky Mountains – which never let him go. We got lucky, because he’s been serving locals and guests here ever since.

Check out the Savory Solutions website for details on prices and options, a sample menu, featured recipes, and to learn what people are saying about this innovative chef and his services.

And here’s a taste – so to speak – of the experience you can have in your cabin:




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