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Free Trolleys on Parkway Again in Summer of 2017

There’s nothing quite like summer in the Smoky Mountains, and every year Gatlinburg attracts families eager for adventure and down-home charm. The city has never skimped when it comes to welcoming guests. That’s why, for the seventh year in a row, Gatlinburg’s popular Free Trolley Service on Parkway is joining the ranks of its other color-coded routes.

Yes, this special summer-only trolley service is free! If you’re visiting Gatlinburg between June 17th and August 12th, you can leave your car parked and relax as you and the family are shuttled around downtown. The trolley is handicap accessible and bike-friendly, and route maps are available in English and Spanish.

Image courtesy of City of Gatlinburg

Where to Find the Trolleys (more…)

Explore Gatlinburg with Free Trolley Service in 2016

Here in Gatlinburg, TN, we have more than just awesome sights, cool shopping, and nifty, family-centered attractions. We have a slam-dunk way to access all of it: by trolley bus.

Free trolley bus, that is…

Starting June 17 through August 14, Gatlinburg will be offering complimentary summer trolley service at all stops along Parkway, the city’s vibrant main strip. This is the sixth year Gatlinburg has offered the free service and, thus far, it’s the toast of the town. You’ll see these specially painted trolleys cruising up and down the thoroughfare carrying a mix of eager tourists and local residents.

Image courtesy of Gatlinburg Trolley

Image courtesy of Gatlinburg Trolley