Boudicca’s Celtic Pub in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg offers mouthwatering Southern food around every corner, but some specialties are a little harder to find. Boudicca’s is one of only two Celtic restaurants in town, and it’s a winner. Expect cozy, pub-like vibes, hot, delicious grub served up quickly in a casual atmosphere, and an impressive array of beers on tap. Boudicca’s even welcomes dogs and kids. It’s a great stop for a casual date or a family outing.

Images courtesy of Boudicca’s Celtic Pub

Boudicca’s Celtic Pub is nestled into a corner of The Village shopping area. It’s easy to overlook when you’re driving up the strip looking for restaurants, but it’s a powerful contender – centrally located, easily accessible, and with plenty of nearby parking. It’s a great lunch stop in the heart of Gatlinburg, or a late-evening meal.

Don’t expect a large restaurant with an expansive dining room. Boudicca’s is a step above counter-serve, but you’ll need to order downstairs at the bar, then walk upstairs to the cozy dining room above. Upstairs, windows overlook the steeply-pitched roofs and cobblestone walkways of The Village and the mountains in the distance–a great backdrop to your fish ‘n chips dinner.

Boudicca’s packs a big personality into a small building. In the style of a good ‘ol Southern steakhouse, you’ll find memorabilia, history, and art all over the walls, but instead of barbed wire and cowboy hats, this memorabilia sets a distinctly Celtic mood. Features like beer keg stools and Scottish crests help imbue the place with notable personality.

Here are some of the most popular menu items.

  • Fish ‘n Chips. An all-time favorite, it’s hard to go wrong with fish ‘n chips, and Boudiccas does them up right. Though the fish portions aren’t huge, they are very high quality, and they’re served up piping hot with all the tartar sauce and malt vinegar you need to go alongside the main event. Boudicca’s thick-cut fries (“chips”) are also consistently hot, fresh, and tasty.
  • Bangers & Mash. These Celtic sausages are marinated in Guinness before being cooked and served hot alongside fresh mashed potatoes smothered in sweet caramelized onions and Irish gravy. Visitors consistently leave impressive reviews for good reason; this is Irish comfort food worth coming back to.
  • Beer Cheese & Chips. Boudicca’s house-made beer cheese is an Irish twist on creamy queso dip. House-made with a secret blend of beer, cheese, and Celtic spices, this is an addictive substance that pairs dangerously well with hot fries–a brilliant snack when you just want a little something instead of a full meal (or a side to enjoy along with your dinner).
  • Scottish Street Melt. A more contemporary Scottish food, the street melt is a contender for Boudicca’s most popular menu items. The street melt features Irish white and yellow cheddar cheeses on a warm, buttered potato roll with freshly grilled red and green bell peppers, sweet onions, and a never-frozen 100% Angus beef patty. Served up with hot, Celtic-sea-salt-seasoned chips, it’s hard to go wrong with this favorite.
  • Boudicca’s also cooks a perfect steak that isn’t on the menu, and well worth asking about.

Oh, and Boudicca’s understands the American burger only too well – the pub won the 2022 GatlinBURGER Week Award for best out of 16 competing restaurants. That’s high praise for the kitchen, and a nod to the awesome bangers that fit perfectly with the beef in the bun.

Bringing the whole family? You’ll also find a kid’s menu that will please even the pickiest of small appetites. Staples like chicken strips and fries, a simple burger, and cheese & fries will keep the younger set happy. There’s even a menu item for the canines: chopped steak in a doggy dish that’ll satisfy a dog’s appetite.

Boudicca’s is a great stop if you’re craving a snack, meal, or pint at odd hours. It also offers special menu items that aren’t always on the official menu; these are always worth a try, as well. If you’re thirsty for a pint, or hungry for some food from the old country, stop by this hidden jewel while you’re visiting Gatlinburg.

Useful Information

Boudicca’s Celtic Pub
The Village Shops, 634 Parkway, Gatlinburg,TN 37738
Tel: (865) 325-1113
Open Daily, 10 am – 10 pm (approximately)