A Walk in the Woods: Smoky Mountain Guided Hiking & Nature Tours

If you’ve tried some of the Scenic Drives & Easy Hikes we recommend, you may want to deepen your appreciation of the Smoky Mountains. You can become a hiker-naturalist in an instant, with personal help from experienced guides. Book a guided tour in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with the nationally renowned nature-guide service, A Walk in the Woods.


Image courtesy of A Walk In The Woods

Discover the treasures of Great Smoky Mountains National Park with naturalists Erik and Vesna Plakanis, a skilled and knowledgeable married couple with countless hundreds of miles logged exploring and walking the woods. They offer guided nature walks, day hikes, and overnight trips. In 16 years of operation, they’ve safely delighted more than 60,000 people with their service!

A Walk in the Woods offers a wide range of guided nature walks, day hikes, driving tours and overnight trips that encompass a broad spectrum of adventure, beneficial to both the amateur and the experienced explorer. Programs include an Art History Tour, a Fall Color Walk, The Road Less Traveled, Women in Wilderness, salamander and birding treks, trip organizing and planning, and classes and seminars.

Discover the best sights, trails, flora and fauna that the Park has to offer. Learn about the medicinal and edible uses of wild plants and mushrooms, and about wild animals and their tracks and signs. Learn backpacking, primitive skills, outdoor survival and local human history, including tales of the Cherokee and early settlers of the area.

A Walk in the Woods also provides an equipment rental service, so apart from clothing and some sensible boots, you don’t have to buy or bring your own gear from home. The equipment rental service is personalized by appointment to properly match backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and stoves to your needs and body frame. The company also provides shuttle service to and from your lodging and throughout the National Park, freeing you from all transportation concerns.

Licensed and insured, A Walk in the Woods guides are also certified in S.O.L.O Wilderness First Aid, Red Cross CPR, and in Non-Lethal Aversive Bear Conditioning.

For more information about their services, qualifications and commendations from media, organizations and satisfied customers, as well as to meet their team of guides, and study the trail reports, refer to the Walk in the Woods web site: www.AWalkInTheWoods.com or call 865-436-8283.