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Hands On Gatlinburg 2016: Create Your Own Arts and Crafts Treasures (With Expert Help)

Four hands on - image courtesy of Hands On Gatlinburg

Four hands on – image courtesy of Hands On Gatlinburg

Would you like to get expert personal instruction in creating your own work of art in the craft of your choice? This weekend is your time, as the renowned arts and crafts community of Gatlinburg starts a new venture, inviting the public into its studios and workshops to create the treasure of their very own making.

Hands On Gatlinburg is a 3-day weekend event, April 8-10, 2016, Friday through Sunday, with more than 15 different studios offering more than 40 classes of hands-on teaching and mentoring. Some of the classes are one-on-one, as in the case of glass-blowing, for example.

How about that? Now you can come to Gatlinburg and learn to blow a unique, custom glass object or ornament, almost all by yourself!