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Flower & Food Festival 2022 at Dollywood

The festival is April 22 through June 5, 2022, multicolored wonders in a lovely theme park with creative plant sculptures, a million flower blooms, immersive and unique treats, lots of music and amazing food.

Dollywood is blooming here in springtime, 2022, and the Third Annual Flower & Food Festival gets underway on April 22, lasting through June 5. This gorgeous festival in an already lovely theme park features astonishingly creative plant sculptures, more than a million flower blooms throughout the park, the multicolored Umbrella Sky, live music everywhere – and mouth-watering food, of course.

Flower & Food Festival 2022 at Dollywood

Images courtesy of Dollywood

This year the Dollywood chefs have some new creations that are exclusive to this festival, with unique new flavors – the menu in an offering that practically demands getting a Tasting Pass to sample.