Flower & Food Festival 2022 at Dollywood

The festival is April 22 through June 5, 2022, multicolored wonders in a lovely theme park with creative plant sculptures, a million flower blooms, immersive and unique treats, lots of music and amazing food.

Dollywood is blooming here in springtime, 2022, and the Third Annual Flower & Food Festival gets underway on April 22, lasting through June 5. This gorgeous festival in an already lovely theme park features astonishingly creative plant sculptures, more than a million flower blooms throughout the park, the multicolored Umbrella Sky, live music everywhere – and mouth-watering food, of course.

Flower & Food Festival 2022 at Dollywood

Images courtesy of Dollywood

This year the Dollywood chefs have some new creations that are exclusive to this festival, with unique new flavors – the menu in an offering that practically demands getting a Tasting Pass to sample.

There’s an extra treat this year for the festival, as the fantastic Sway Poles return to the park for the first time since 2013. From Australia, this troupe of acrobatic performers brought amazing fun to the Festival of Nations in that year, walking around in costume on 15-foot flexible poles that would bend and sway – see our write-up of that festival. This year the group will create a living floral display in a unique show that shouldn’t be missed.

In the Chasing Rainbows location of the park, an immersive experience awaits festival-goers in Dolly’s Butterfly Garden. Amid Dolly Parton’s music, a walking path features butterflies that follow your movement – immersive and unique, high-tech mixed with creative imagination.

There are eight different musical acts performing during  the festival, filling the air with good sounds, as great music as always from Dolly Parton’s own theme park. And as is typical of Dollywood, the festival is bigger and better than years past, and everything Dollywood does is always a class act.

For more information see Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival 2022 guide, and download the app to plug into everything happening at Dollywood.

Flower & Food Festival 2022 at Dollywood

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