Escape Rooms in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have many escape rooms of different sorts, making the area a prime location. Escape? It adds a whole new meaning to your vacation “getaway”, but generally it’s a live action game, usually with group cooperation to solve clues, accomplish tasks or overcome hurdles, and unlock the door to freedom – and there are many variations on this theme.

Some games are for adults but many are aimed at kids of all ages and families. It’s the perfect rainy-day, indoor adventure to get the adrenaline flowing and strengthen the bonds of teamwork and companionship – great for couples, families and groups.And typically the complexity of the game does require more heads – better than one – to solve.

Image courtesy of Trapped

Different places have different rules about walk-ins, but in general it’s wise to call ahead and book a time slot. Most of the rooms are part of larger attractions that feature many other different adventures, from arcades to mirror mazes, and lasers to mini golf. Escape games are popular family and group fun adventures, and here are some notable ones in the area.


For kid-friendly, Gatlin’s Fun Center is one of the best places in town to conquer a challenge with no scary or anxious moments. Gatlin’s has two locations in Gatlinburg and two in Pigeon Forge as we write this. It leans toward unique story lines with achievable goals and real encounters. Compete to become an adept magician, or search for the lost gems of Atlantis.

The Masters of Magic game offers a realm of illusions where you can gain magical abilities and progress to the mastery level, and it’s in the Village location in Gatlinburg. There are spookier games also, and different escapes are spread across the different locations. For a scare, see if you can find your way out of the terrors of The Haunting of Hyde House.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game has a location in Pigeon Forge at The Island, and in Gatlinburg just off Parkway, with around half a dozen rooms in each venue. The games are intelligently and imaginatively created, with many puzzles and mysteries to solve and plenty of authentic clues hidden around the place to help – no red herrings here, the clues are all relevant to the game. There are some great team-builders among the menu of games, which range from prison cells to outer space.

For more information, check out the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg websites.

Breakout Games

Breakout Games is an escape room venue in Baskins Square in Gatlinburg. It offers three to four different games, on the suspenseful side of things, with crime, terrorism and a haunted mansion featuring as themes. For information and to book a games, see the website.

Smoky Mountain Escape Games

Focused on fun, Smoky Mountain Escape Games in Pigeon Forge offers four different games themed around heists, hauntings, lab science, pirate quests and a trip down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. The venue offers the Versus experience: two identical rooms for groups to separate into and compete against each other’s performance – a discounted rate applies for this one, making it useful for large groups.


Activate is a hybrid escape and action game, where you become the player moving through the active game. Jump, climb and problem-solve as you and your friends move between challenges. Interactive technology responds in real time to advance you through the game and keep the challenges coming. It’s an adrenaline-filled adventure with hundreds of customizable combinations to suit your preference for the perfect game.

The Great Escape Room

A pioneer of the genre, and having worked with multiple corporate clients across the country, the Great Escape Room in Pigeon Forge offers four brain-teasers to solve, from saving the world to solving crime mysteries, and from magic to murder. The venue also offers a portable version, bringing the game to you and your group, wherever you are.


A highly rated venue in Pigeon Forge, Escapology offers up to ten different games sifting clues, solving puzzles, and opening locks. They also offer a Kids Mode for the younger set (7-14 age).


In Pigeon Forge, Trapped Escape Game offers five different games of different degrees of difficulty, with themes ranging from haunted cabin and prison escape to shipwreck and zombie apocalypse.


Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge offers more than the two mini-golf courses (one on the roof!). It’s also stuffed with candy of all kinds AND it has two escape rooms. This is a fun outing for the family, especially with active kids. The escape games are a submarine escape and a laboratory search for the cure to a zombie virus. Elaborate props and live actors.

Image courtesy of Activate