The Fox and Parrot Tavern: an English Pub in Gatlinburg

As a good way to take a break from the bustle of Gatlinburg, the Fox and Parrot Tavern is a great option for a tasty and relaxing meal. Serving up traditional English pub fare, with every meal made to order – and be warned that this is slow food, not at all fast – the Fox and Parrot Tavern is a wonderful place to have a drink and wind down from a busy day.

Owned by Brian Papworth, who has worked hard to create a traditional British pub environment (and who has since also created the Rampant Lion Celtic Pub), the Tavern regularly receives rave reviews from those who can search it out, tucked away as it is along the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community Trail.

Images courtesy of the Fox and Parrot Tavern

The location (see below) is off the beaten track, which is appropriate for this other-worldly haven – check the map and look for the sign to turn off of Glades Road (the Arts Trail).

As a great break from fast food and quick-turnaround restaurants, The Fox and Parrot Tavern is a great example of slow food, where you’ll enjoy a drink or two while your food is being freshly prepared from scratch. A quaint pub with antique decor, the Tavern provides the best of British comfort food at a good price. The staff and owners are known for their friendliness, and while alcohol is served, including a wide range of amazing ales and beers, it’s entirely family-friendly, including if you bring your four-legged companions.

Food & Drink

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for – the menu! Let’s start with drinks, as you’ll want to unwind a bit while waiting for your fresh food to be prepared. The Fox and Parrot Tavern boasts a whopping 34 options, including popular favorites such as Newcastle Brown Ale, Magners Apple and Pear, Guinness, Harp lager, Elysian Space Dust IPA, 1911 Raz Cider, Yazoo Hefeweizen, Boddington’s Bitter, Sam Adams, and a wide range of additional selections, many of which may change out based on the season, the distributors – or from Brian finding a fabulous new brew he wants to give a try.

Why not try some appetizers while you’re waiting? Guests rave about the Scotch eggs, which for the non-native is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in Scottish pork sausage, which is then cooked. But there are many other great possibilities to consider as well, some of which could almost be a meal on their own. Welsh Rabbit is toasted bread that is covered in beer cheese sauce featuring Newcastle Brown Ale, alongside traditional British chips.

For something a little more light and cultured, get the Ploughmans Lunch, featuring sausage, cheese, celery, tomato, onion, and fresh beer bread (as well as the English spelling of the plow). There are also chicken tenders, parrot wings, bangers and mash, chips and cheese, Hadrian’s Wall, and traditional British chips with malt vinegar or Worcestershire sauce.

For the main course? There are so many delicious possibilities, including Cornish pasties, fish & chips, Reubens, steak & mushroom pies, shepherds pie, poachers roll, scallops when available, Bubble & Squeak (delicious!), or corned beef with cabbage, onions & potatoes. All meals are served with traditional British chips, except for the scallops and the bubble & squeak, which are served with fresh beer bread.

The kids menu features more traditional American fare including beanie weenies, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly, cheese sticks, and doodles & knees, which are spaghetti noodles covered with melted cheese, and all meals come with British chips.

If you’ve saved room for dessert after all this, there are a range of UK favorites to eat there or take for later. These include English trifle, Scottish shortbread, Eccles cakes, bread pudding, egg custard, and everyone’s favorite dessert to mock, spotted dick. But the sweetness doesn’t start with dessert, as you’ll be treated like a beloved local the entire time you’re in The Fox and Parrot Tavern. For a quiet late lunch after a busy morning or a quaint, quiet dinner after a day on the town or in the woods, this Gatlinburg gem is miles from home, but tastes just like it.

Useful Information

Fox and Parrot Tavern
1065 Glades Rd Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Tel: 865-436-0677
Hours: Daily from noon