Immersive Theaters in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

We’ve had virtual reality for some time, but immersive theaters are fairly new – this is where the screen image moves and so do you, in your moving seat. Immersive technology continues to grow, so this roundup of all the immersive experiences available in the area will expand over time. It’s a moving target – rather like most of the sights and sounds in the immersive attractions.

Here’s a brief roundup of the immersive theaters in the area.

Image courtesy of Ripley’s 5D Adventure

7D Dark Ride Adventure

The 7D Dark Ride Adventure indoor attraction involves chasing down ominous zombies, battling it out with killer robots, and protecting yourself against threatening werewolves, all in a high-tech, completely immersive environment with full-motion seats, virtual effects and special glasses. The attraction has locations in Gatlinburg on Parkway and Pigeon Forge at The Island.

Ripley’s Moving Theater in Gatlinburg

Ripley’s Moving Theater in Gatlinburg is an immersive movie experience, using technology to make you feel like you’re IN the movie. This is a buckle-up movie that surrounds you with 360 degrees of action.

SkyFly: Soar America

SkyFly: Soar America offers a flying theater style of travelog, an immersive, big-screen experience on a moving chair that creates the feel of flying while also cruising through some of America’s most fabulous landscapes.

Beyond the Lens! in Pigeon Forge

Beyond the Lens! in Pigeon Forge is a unique attraction that appeals to adults and kids alike. It’s a huge indoor environment with over 150 interactive exhibits, including a LOT of virtual reality. It’s total immersion from the beginning, from buckling in for the sensory FlyRide trip across America that feels like you ARE the flying camera, to escape rooms, interactive adventures, arcade style attractions, and compelling pop culture facts, mysteries and explorations.

FlyRide is a new form of experience with theater seats you strap into, in rows stacked vertically and in front of a massive 4-story curved screen that presents an immersive view of the world around and in front of you. Meanwhile the seats move, dipping, rising and falling as the scenes change. And scents and wind, along with other special effects engage your senses as you experience this flight across some of America’s most jaw-dropping vistas.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge is a very realistic wax museum but the moving parts occur in the Castle of Chaos, a 5D motion ride with special glasses and laser blasters to fight off the many challenges coming at you at speed. It’s a madcap shoot-em-up, and you can compete for highest score.

MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge

MagiQuest is a video game on your feet, an interactive world you move through. An immersive and engaging experience for all the family, which you can play solo or as a team, and at your own speed. The experience involves a series of quests, at the end of which you can begin a series of adventures. There are multiple levels to quest your way through. During your adventures you gain powers, reveal secrets, meet characters and discover treasures.


Is a mirror maze an immersive experience? What about a black-light pirate quest or mini-golf? It’s hard to say where the virtual ends and the reality-grounded immersive begins – as we said, it’s a moving target. We’ll keep your posted as the attractions keep coming and getting better all the time. Meanwhile, enjoy the selections presented above, and count on Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to continue to innovate with the latest technology experiences in the country.

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